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To Whom It May Concern, for your own good dear customers, we took under consideration some of the difficulties that may face you all the way during the refund process. This is a free service; it will provide you with instructions to follow. An easy way to showyou the truth between a product owner and a Marketplace. Identifying our part as blogger and reviewer by providing you with information about the content of product.

The truth between a product owner and a Marketplace:

Lately we have a plenty of emails from people whom mad about the low quality and support of the product knowing that we are out of this responsibility.

Starting from a commonissue,which is the low support service, the majority of customers during the refunds process are trying to reach the product owner for a refund service but they do not get any respond.Therefore, as review writers , we take the blame for something we did not do because we are not involve in the first. The truth is we are just affiliate; our purpose is to give a highly detailed review about the content of product and value the product for a commission that recover our charges.

Therefore To elaborate the difference between the product owner and the Marketplace: An online marketplace or in other way online e-commerce marketplace is a type of e-commerce site where product or service information is provided, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator.

In an online marketplace, consumer transactions are processed by the marketplace operator and then delivered so it is the source of the product that the consumer bought

The product owner is commonly a lead user of the system or product management or anyone with a solid understanding of users, the market place, and the competition and of future trends for the domain or type of system been developed. Therefore, it is responsible of the product quality.

How to detect market place of your product:

First go down to the terms of sales below the payment page (checkout page), you will find a link that will guide you directly to Marketplace of product; from there you can purchase your refund process.

1. Clickbank 

2. Software Projects

How to contact market place support:

We will provide you with some links to contact Easley the Marketplace support:

1. Clickbank 

Click Bank sells lifestyle products as recipes, workouts specifically what is inspirational and educative on topics. With each click and every sale, we guarantee that safety is process will be safe.

2. Software Projects

Software Projects got started is a full SERVICE WEB DEVELOPMENT agency, focusing on services to build, manage and grow online businesses. Now SOFTWARE PROJECTS pivoted its business, re-inventing itself as a global online retailer, offering software products, eBooks and software services.

If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us by click here.

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