Nutrapure Fungus Clear Review

Nutrapure Fungus Clear is a probiotic supplement formulation. This product promises to, not only get rid of the outward effects of toenail fungal infection, but to get to the root of the problem to completely eliminate the problem once and for all. Not only do the makers of Nutrapure Fungus Clear claim that their product will get rid of toe fungal infection, it will do so for the entire body.

What Do You Get When You Purchase Nutrapure Fungus Clear?

When you purchase Nutrapure Fungus Clear, you will receive a bottle of Fungus Clear Nail Solution. The month long supply of 30 capsules provides you with the 7 following scientifically proven ingredients:

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus this is a natural bacteria that has been clinically proven to improve blood pressure, lower cholesterol. This enables the body to more effectively ward of viruses and respiratory infection.
  • Bifidobacterium Breve – this all natural probiotic aids with digestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and helps to get rid of the candida fungus.
  • Bifidobacterium Longum – this is a powerful all natural herb which has strong immunity boosting properties to fight fungal infection.
  • Lactobacillus Casei – this is a super powerful probiotic which will kill harmful bacteria, long with fungal and viral infections.
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus – this probiotic stops fungi from building up in the body.
  • Bacillus Subtilis – this is a very strong immunity stimulator, which will help to defeat fungal infection.

All of these ingredients are supplied at clinically recommended dosages.

In addition to the key supplement, you also get the following bonuses :

  • The One Day Fungus Cleanse
  • Foods That Blast Fungal Bacteria

Nutrapure Fungus Clear Asked Questions

1. Do you need to buy any extras?

The supplement formulation will provide you with everything you need for a full 30-day period of use. You are also given the option of purchasing Nutra Pure’s skin restore cream at a 70% price reduction. You can also add Nutra Pure Fungus Protect, which can help you to rid fungus from your body even faster. This is also available at a 70% reduction.

2. Are There Any Side Effects?

Because all of the ingredients in the Nutrapure Fungus Clear formulation are completely natural and dosed at clinically sound levels, there are no side effects that have been recorded with the use of this product.

3. How is the Customer Support?

The folks who are behind Nutrapure Fungus Clear provide a full 60-day money back guarantee with your purchase. If you don’t see your fungus disappear and your health improve by using this product, they will provide you with a no questions asked refund.

4. Where to Buy Nutrapure Fungus Clear?

You can only buy Nutrapure Fungus Clear from the manufacturer’s official website. It is available for a good price, with generous discounts being offered for multiple bottle purchases.

5. What People Are Saying?

So what do real users of Nutrapure Fungus Clear have to say about this product? Here are a few of the comments we were able to find . . .

After having the fungus on my toe nail for over 8 years, finally found a product that works. I tried several products even laser treatment but none of them worked. In just only one month of using Nutrapure Fungus Clear, I saw a big difference & my nail is starting to grow, this product really works.

Jeff Thomson

I've played water polo all of high school and battled fungus because it's so easy to pick up in the locker room and tried near everything from natural remedies to over the counter and even prescription ointments but this one cleared it up almost overnight. I've already recommended it to the rest of my team and those who tried it feel exactly the same way.


This stuff works like a miracle! I had a very dark, pervasive nail fungus for over ten years. I tried everything short of having a very expensive laser treatment - that was going to be my next step. I decided to do a little research to see if there was a product with good reviews and good results. I bought this and started using it the middle of January. I wish I had taken a photo of my nail before I started using it. I had fungus all the way down to the nail bed. Then I started using Nutrapure Fungus Clear. After a month, I was so amazed to see that the nail that was growing out was fungus free!

Shauna Watson

Nutrapure Fungus Clear Pros and Cons


- The ingredients in this formulation are all clinically proven

- Most bioavailable for of probiotics

- Aids in digestive system functioning

- Only requires one pill per day

- Ideal ingredient ratios

- Anti allergenic effects


- Not available in stores

- May react with current medications

- Results may vary

Emily's Final Recommendation :



Nutrapure Fungus Clear Provides you with a simple to use, one a day capsule that really does work. We love the fact that every single one of the seven key ingredients in this formulation are backed by hard scientific research. They are also clinically dosed to give you the ideal doges to bring about results fast.

Yet, Nutrapure Fungus Clear does more than clear up your fungal problems. It will also give you healthier skin, with noticeable results within a week. In addition, so long as you use the product as directed, you will have stronger, better looking nails. Beyond that, your immunity levels will be enhanced, making your body a better fungus fighter.

Overall, we feel that this product will provide you with a guaranteed way to defeat fungal infection once and for all. At the same time, it will enhance your overall health and wellness. We also love that there are no additives, fillers or synthetic substances in this product.

Nutrapure Fungus Clear Rating

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