Fungus Key Pro vs Fungus Destroyer

Let’s Compare Them: Who Wins?

Fungus fighting digital products are an extremely popular market segment right now. Of all the products out there, two of the most popular are Fungus Key Pro and Fungus Destroyer.

We have looked in depth at both of these programs. Obviously there are similarities between Fungus Key Pro and Fungus Destroyer, but there are also some major differences.


In this comparison review, we’ll analyze the cost, quality, features, bonus material and customer support. We’ve also provided full reviews of each product individually. Check out our Fungus Key Pro review here and go here to read our Fungus Destroyer review.

Here is our side by side comparison of Fungus Key Pro and Fungus Destroyer.

Fungus Key Pro vs Fungus Destroyer


  • The Fungus Key Pro program is available for $37.00.
  • Fungus Destroyer is also available for $69.00.

However, the Fungus Destroyer does not contain any bonus materials, whereas the Fungus Key Pro program includes 3 bonus books, making it the better value.

Winner : Fungus Key Pro is the winner!

Quality of Content

Fungus Key Pro presents its material in the form of a main e-book with printed version and 3 supporting bonus documents. The main text is entitled Fungus Key Pro. It is a 124-page book that is packed with well researched information. The text provides you with a lot of helpful background information about fungal infection. It also clearly shows how inadequate current medical and over the counter treatments are in addressing this problem.

Fungus Key Pro then goes on to present a clear, step by step approach to eliminating fungal infection permanently. This solution is based on the experiences of Dr. Wu Chang in treating American soldiers during the Vietnam War.


The book also includes a special report entitled ‘The Strength System’. This is a completely natural method to enhance the strength of your immunity system so as to prevent future infection.

The information in this book is well written, clearly presented and comprehensive.

Fungus Destroyer is only presented in the form of an e-book. However, there is no supplemental material with this purchase. This publication is also quite comprehensive. In contrast to the material offered in Fungus Key Pro, however, this information appears to be largely regurgitated from online sources. The information is, therefore, largely accessible on the internet without having to pay $69 for the privilege of reading it.

The miracle cure presented in this book is clearly and comprehensively detailed. Once again, however, the problem is its uniqueness. Although it claims to be unique, the treatment that is presented can be found online with a simple Google search.

This is disappointing for a remedy which lays claim to being original and one of a kind.

Winner: Fungus Key Pro takes this category because it offers clearly presented, unique material.

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Fungus Key Pro provides you with 4 e-books, consisting of the main text and 3 supplemental bonuses. The books are easy to read, well written and comprehensive. You also have access to the Fungus Key Pro expert panel, who will answer any questions that you may have.


Fungus Destroyer comes in the form of a single e-book. The book is also comprehensive and clearly written. However, as already mentioned, the content is not original and can be quite easily found online with a simple Google search.

There is no offer of professional support to address your questions with the Fungus Destroyer.

1. Bonus Material

Fungus Key Pro offers three bonus publications when you purchase the product. These are:

  • Simple Recipes for a Glowing Skin: This guide book presents 8 illustrated and clear recipes that are specifically designed for people with diabetes.
  • Natural Body Care Made Easy: This is a 67-page e-book that presents 50 illustrated recipes and information on 13 different moisturizing oils.
  • Atlas of Home Remedies for the Most Common Diseases: This is a huge 173-page publication that provides one of the most comprehensive overviews of home remedies that we have ever seen. As a bonus offer this is outstanding!


The Fungus Destroyer does not offer any supplemental bonus material. All that you get with your purchase is the main text.

Winner : Fungus Key Pro wins this category by a mile!

2. Customer Support

Fungus Key Pro offers email support where you can ask any questions that you have related to the product. We have contacted this email address and received a prompt reply to our query. A 60-day money back guarantee is offered on the Fungus Key Pro program.


The people behind Fungus Destroyer also have an email address listed on their website. Unlike the Fungus Key Pro, however, it does not offer any back-up support. We did try the email address. Unfortunately, we have yet to receive a reply.

Fungus Destroyer also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, which is accessed by email. Judging on our experience of not getting a reply to our message, however, we are not confident that this guarantee will be honored.

Winner : Fungus Key Pro also wins this category. It’s email address proved reliable, whereas the Fungus Destroyer one was not. It would be good, though, to also have provided a physical address and phone number.

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So, Is it Fungus Key Pro or Fungus Destroyer?

Our head to head breakdown between Fungus Key Pro and Fungus Destroyer has made it resoundingly clear:

  • Fungus Key Pro is a far better product than Fungus Destroyer.
  • Fungus Key Pro has more original content.
  • Fungus Key Pro has more bonus material.
  • Fungus Key Pro has better customer support.

As a result, we fully recommend the Fungus Key Pro program as your ultimate solution in defeating and eliminating fungal infection.

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