Fungus Destroyer Protocol Review

The Fungus Destroyer is a program designed to eliminate fungal infection. It is presented in the form of an e-book that you can download once your payment is processed. The book promises to reveal ancient Vietnamese secrets that will allow you to apply a step by step process to eliminate fungal problems virtually overnight.

Who is Behind the Fungus Destroyer?

The Fungus Destroyer is written by Dr. Grant Anderson. Dr. Grant is listed as a New York Times bestselling author and a professor at Newcastle University in England. However, there is no Dr. Grant on the Newcastle University faculty list and we were unable to find any other books written by him.

This is not a good initial sign.


What Do You Get When You Purchase Fungus Destroyer?

Once your payment is processed, you will be taken to a download page where you will receive access to an e-book. The book is quite comprehensive. However, there is nothing new here. Much of the information contained in the book seems to be regurgitated from online sources that can be accessed for free. Fungal websites also carry the information without asking you to pay for it.

The e-book spends a lot of time building up fear of the dangers related to not treating a fungal infection. It is also goes extensively into the dangers associated with taking prescribed medications. It then goes on to claim that the fungal treatment that is disclosed for the first time in this e-book is completely unique and original.

The e-book claims that the Vietnamesemethod of curing fungal infection is here available for the first time in one place. However, the treatment that the book goes on to detail can be found on various websites and video clips, whether in it’s entirety or in part. Obviously, you do not have to pay to get access from these sources.

Fungus Destroyer Protocol Asked Questions

1. Does It work?

We do not know if this product really works or not. The author does not cite any clinical studies that have been done specifically on his formulation to show that it is effective at treating fungal infection.

The book and advertising online that surrounds it does contain a large number of testimonials from supposed users extolling the brilliant results that they have achieved from using Fungus Destroyer. However, there is no way to tell whether these are real testimonials from real users, or simply spin that has been written by the manufacturers of the product. As a result, we cannot put any stock in the claims that they make. However, we were able to find a couple of reviews that were less than glowing (see What People Are Saying section below).

2. Do you need to buy any extras?

The recipe that is contained with the e-book is made up of a large number of natural herbal concoctions that can be sourced from almost any health food shop. Apart from that, there are no other purchases that are required in order to complete the Fungus Destroyer program.

3. Are There Any Side Effects?

Because all of the ingredients in the Fungus Destroyer program are completely natural and dosed at clinically sound levels, there are no side effects associated with using the remedy that is outlined in this e-book. However, there have been no clinical trials undertaken specifically on this remedy, so the long term effects of use are unknown at this stage.

4. How is the Customer Support?

The people behind Fungus Destroyer offer a 60-day money back guarantee on their product. However, they provide very little in the way of contact information. The only contact details are an email address. We have tried the email and had no reply. This leads us to be less than confident of having success in following through on the 60 day money back guarantee.

5. What People Are Saying?

So what do real users of Fungus Destroyer have to say about this product? A lot of the testimonials that are available online are clearly fakes that are put up by affiliate sellers of the product. However, we did find a couple of reviews that appear to be genuine. . .

I purchased the Fungus Destroyer after having spent thousands of dollars on all sorts of ineffective remedies. I wasn’t overly impressed with what I received to tell you the truth. Even though there is a lot of information, a lot of it seems to be padding. The actual remedy that it contains is not as original as it claims; I found the same thing online.Joanna,London, England

Nothing original here. Lots of background information and then the usual concoctions that can be found on YouTube. Save your money!

Wesley, Newark, New Jersey

Fungus Destroyer Protocol Pros and Cons

Emily’s Final Recommendation :



The Fungus Destroyer provides some basic, factual information about fungal infection. It also gives readers a step by step approach to defeating fungus naturally and preventing it from returning. The problem is that, even though it is claimed that the information contained in this e-book is completely unique and original, it is, in fact, able to be obtained online free of charge. You are, therefore, paying out $69 for nothing!

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