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How to Prevent & Treat Black Toenail Quickly

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The injury or trauma of the toenail bed is the main reason behind the occurrence of black toenails. There is also the possibility of the occurrence of black fungus as well. Blood usually collects below the nail plate since it has nowhere to go. It will turn from red to black and purple-blue after the blood starts to dry up and this eventually leads to the occurrence of a black toenail. The nails, as well as the cuticle, are infected by the black fungus which also damages the keratin of the toenail that produces a dark color.

Many individuals particularly the athletes and also those who take part in different sports activities are usually afflicted by this condition. It is common for the athletes to hurt their toes during any sporting event particularly if they are wearing tight fitting footwear. In case of the occurrence of this condition, again and again, a blood blister is actually caused by the stress to the toe which eventually forms underneath the toenail. In most cases, the sprinters, as well as football players, experience these types of ailments since their toes are rubbing against the front portion of their shoes constantly or also because they have to often face dreadful impacts.

Apart from the above-mentioned problems which are mainly observed in the sportsmen, one more reason which can lead to a black toenail might be the jamming of a finger in a door or window or the smashing of a toe by any heavy object. One more authentic reason which can result in a black toenail will be the continuous exposure of the feet to damp environment which will enhance the possibility of the occurrence of nail fungus.

Individuals who are over 60 years of age also are known to suffer from this condition. Besides them, those people who are accustomed to putting on tight fitting footwear or any shoe which does not fit them properly will likewise face this ailment since their toenails will become weak in the process. Also, individuals who actually cut their nails very close to the epidermis can suffer from black toenails since this can result in multiple cuts in the epidermis which can encourage fungus to get in and multiply.

Black Toenail Symptoms :

In the following section, we will mention several symptoms that you might experience when you are suffering from black toenail :

  • You are observing a disgusting smell coming out from the toenail
  • The toenail is getting discolored (such as purple, brown, red or black)
  • You’re experiencing a significant amount of pain
  • There is a discharge from underneath the toenail

Whenever you are experiencing one or more of the above-mentioned indications, then you should be certain that you’re affected by a black toenail. There will be black under toenail once blood gets trapped beneath the nail. There will be a foul smell or even a discharge in case the toenail is bruised and infected. Individuals affected by this condition often experience a considerable amount of pain due to the pressure caused by the collection of blood.

Due to the infection of fungus which affects your toenail you might experience the following conditions:

  • Increased thickness of the nail
  • Unpleasant smell
  • Discoloration of the nail
  • Crumbling and flaking of the toenail

Although the symptoms might not appear to be too dreadful, you should make it a point to treat it immediately. While these may only be some visual indications, there might be serious health problems beyond them. While walking you might experience severe pain in your feet because of the infection of the fungus.

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Is It Required To Consult Your Doctor ?

It is not imperative always to take the help of your medical practitioner regarding a black toenail. This is because the nail is going to fall off very soon in case it is injured because of trauma. The reason for this is that the nail is detached from the nail bed and there is a pressure of the collection of blood underneath it. It will be prudent to treat your condition on your own just like any other wound in case you do not experience too much pain and also there isn’t any bad smell or discharge. Just ensure that the nail is properly covered and protected.

However, you must not hesitate to consult your physician in case you’re experiencing some of the agonizing symptoms mentioned above in which case he or she will be able to examine your injury and also provide adequate treatment in order to relieve your pain. In most cases, the medical practitioner is going to rule out the possibility of any serious condition and will allow you to get back to work happily and confidently. While examining the black toenail, the doctor is where the check it thoroughly so that he or she can be assured that there isn’t any fractured bone or infection.

It is essential to understand that your nail is going to grow back either crooked or in any other abnormal way. Furthermore, you must also comprehend the fact that it is better to see a doctor in case more than half of the nail is black since this might indicate that you’re affected by an exposed bone or maybe a serious laceration underneath your toenail. There is a possibility to get afflicted by a bone infection in case you do not treat this without any delay. It might lead to a prolonged treatment which may require the usage of intravenous antibiotics and in most severe cases even the amputation of the toe. You should not hesitate to treat your black toenail since prevention is better than cure.

There is a possibility that your physician might suggest removing the toenail depending on the nature of the injury which you’ve experienced and also the seriousness of the condition which has affected the toenail. By doing this, the doctor will be able to assess the nail bed carefully for any exposed bone or maybe some serious lacerations.

Your physician might require suggesting some new tests in case the color of the toenail gradually becomes black. In some cases, a biopsy might be required to check for malignancy. The doctor might also ask you several questions in order to determine the nature and also cause of the injury. Your personal medical history, as well as that of your family, is going to be reviewed by the medical practitioner which will help them to understand the possible reasons for the condition.

Make certain to reply to all the questions asked by the doctor honestly and also comprehensively which will enable them to treat you flawlessly. You may also enquire a few queries if you feel like in order to understand the whole situation. In the following section, we have mentioned several important questions which you ought to ask your doctor while discussing your black toenail treatment:

  • Is there any reason to be concerned about malignancy in your case?
  • How long is it required to wait for the toenail to grow back as before?
  • Is there any reason to be worried if the toenail changes in color while healing?
  • Can I drain the blood which is collected below the toenail on my own?
  • Will the affected toenail eventually fall off and grow back normally?

How to Prevent & Treat Black Toenail Quickly?

Here are some important natural remedies for preventing and treating your black toenail within a short span of time:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Being a mild acid which helps to prevent the growth of fungus, apple cider vinegar is a fantastic remedy to eliminate the black toenail fungus. An equal mix of apple cider vinegar and warm water has to be placed in a container. Soak your feet for at least 20 minutes in the container and then dry your toe after washing properly. Otherwise, it is recommended to prepare a paste by mixing ground rice flour with some quantity of apple cider vinegar. The paste has to be applied on the affected area for at least 20 minutes and then it should be washed off after scrubbing. This will help to destroy the fungus which is developed inside the toenails. Take care to properly clean and also dry the affected area later on.

2. Tea Tree Oil

Being a natural fungicide, this particular oil will help to destroy the fungus inside the black toenail. After preparing an equal blend of olive oil, tea tree oil as well as thyme oil, apply the mix carefully on the black toenail area for no less than 15 minutes. Use a brush to gently scrub off the infected area. This will enable the mix to get to the inside of the black toenail and also marsh off the top layer of the nail that is affected by the fungus the most. Take care to dry the toenail properly using a clean piece of cloth after washing it thoroughly. Repeat this particular remedy for several weeks which will help to destroy the fungus completely from the roots.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is another useful remedy for black toenail. After mixing equal percentages of water and hydrogen peroxide, soak the foot which is affected by the fungus into the blend for approximately 30 minutes. Remember to dry your foot properly. The treatment has to be repeated for several weeks and at least two times daily.

4. Oregano Oil

The fourth important natural remedy for black toenail fungus is oregano oil which contains all the required attributes to battle against fungus, bacteria, and septic. After mixing several drops of oregano oil in 1 teaspoon of olive oil, apply it on the affected region for approximately 20 minutes. After that, wash and dry the area thoroughly. Make it a point to apply this particular remedy for several weeks to get rid of the condition completely.

5. Lavender Oil

Being a natural antibiotic, lavender oil helps to treat the black toenail successfully and also within a short span of time. After soaking a cotton ball in the lavender oil, dab it on the infected area and also use a bandage to wrap it. Keep it like that for no less than 40 minutes and then thoroughly clean the region. This treatment has to be applied for at least three times daily for several weeks. You will definitely observe a huge improvement within a brief period of time.

6. Wearing Protective Footwear

It is recommended to put on a protected pair of safety shoes in case you are working in a hazardous environment. This will help to avoid any possible injury to your feet. Ensure that there is sufficient toe box in that particular footwear. Furthermore, take care that the shoe’s height is sufficient for the toes. It is imperative that you footwear should not rub and disturb your feet throughout the day.

7. AHA Cream

At present, certain creams on the market are rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which helps to prevent the unwanted growth of fungus. The cream has to be applied at night while you go to sleep. It will help to clean the skin and also prevent any fungus from surviving.

8. Vicks Vapor Rub

There is a certain reputation for Vicks Vapor Rub in curing black toenail fungus although they are not really manufactured for that particular purpose. While some individuals have found this particular remedy to be effective, others have not experienced any benefit at all. Although Vicks is able to prevent the development of fungus, it cannot eliminate it completely.

9. Epsom Salt and Warm Water

It is suggested to soak your foot in warm water after adding some Epsom salt for approximately 15 minutes in case you’re infected with black toenail fungus. This particular remedy will help to minimize the swelling and pain.

10. Vinegar

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most effective remedies for this condition. Soak your foot for half an hour in vinegar at least twice every day. You may also soak your foot in beer which will give you some outstanding results.


In spite of all these above mentioned natural remedies for your black toenail fungus, your personal hygiene will play an important role in the curing of your ailment. You can’t expect your condition to be healed in case you don’t adopt some fundamental habits of remaining clean and healthy. In case you are facing the problem for a considerable period of time and cannot treat the condition on your own, it is always suggested to take the help of your medical practitioner. Otherwise, the situation might get worse which can even result in the permanent loss of the toenail.


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