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Hello and may god bless you, hope that you in better shape, with full health and happiness. My name is Emily Hernandez, I’m 29 years old, specialist in cosmetics and skin diseases and am fully committed and underprepared to help finding solutions to your health problems by giving advices, remedies, life style. I will support you physically and mentally.

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This blog established in couple month by an assemble of many specialists that I gathered in reason of given a multiple tips and advices for skin disease specially fungus every skins nightmare.

This blog is full different, me and my crew wanted to represent a daily life style guaranteed to gain trust and drew smiles on faces for a purpose of changing their life and allowing them to practices more of activities than ever.

My Story

I’ve always been my daddy’s girl; we’ve been so close as friends. We used to do a lot of activities together since I was young, happy and full of energy, but that didn’t last. unfortunately, my dad started noticing fungal on his nails, little by little till he was diagnosed of skin disease. Imagine a little problem that turn your sweet dreams to a terrifying nightmare.

But for the good reason it coincides with my specialty in herbs, professional with a master's degree, so all I have to do is do some research to fix things back.

And since I stared searching in some old Asian books in the university library thousands of natural remedies and treatment have been discovered the first one mad a huge change, and my father started to feel better, and because it was all natural my father gains his strength back in a few weeks with no side effects.

Facts :

  • Onychomycosis accounts for up to 30% of all skin infections.
  • Conventional approaches to fungal infections are effective in less than half of all cases.
  • ​The majority of toenail fungal infections are caused by dermatophytes fungi.
  • The majority of fingernail fungal infections are caused by Candida.
  • Some molds can cause both toenail and fingernail infections.
  • Men contract toenail fungus more often than women.
  • Working in damp areas increases the risk of infection.
  • People with psoriasis have a 56% higher risk for nail infection.

So why fungus key treatment :

  • Simple natural remedies that will not cost you much money and either effort, approved by expert, effective and efficient.
  • Always on update mode concerning our treatments, remedies.
  • In touch with our clients we are united as a community inside our daily blog.
  • Fungus key treatment represent hope, beyond the profits, we are family.

What we do

  • Reasonable health advises.
  • Treatment based on medical facts.
  • Natural remedies, no chemicals.

What we don’t do

  • Giving you fake hope.
  • Dangers remedies.
  • Make you buy expensive products.

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Emily Hernandez

Editor of Fungus Key Treatment​

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